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Overwhelmed October

How about you, have you been busy-busy or productive busy? Do you feel overwhelmed?

I have been more busy-busy than ever over the past weeks. Yet some things, like my blog, have taken its toll. At the same time I can’t say that I have been unproductive. But I did get sidetracked, overwhelmed and a bit lost there.

What do YOU do when you reach such a point?

Are you busy doing all the good things and are productive in many areas and yet… you always play catch up, it never seems to add up? Do you know that feeling? The feeling as if you would be a hamster in its hamster wheel, going around and around and around.

While I was busy with really good and often rewarding things, I lost the “me” in between it all. It felt like trying to juggle with too many balls in the air.

How about you, do you always feel in control, or do you drop a ball here and there, too? I would love to hear what helps you to either stay, or get back, on track.

I started to notice a pattern – I get excited about all there is to do, I plan and go full speed ahead. But I power myself out and that leads to a feeling of overwhelm-ness. Then come the days when it all seems too much and I just push through with the major must-dos and a lot of frustration. At that point I take a step back, pick myself up, get some structure and focus – only to get back running in circles again after a while.

But this time I am trying to do things differently! I want to break my pattern.
How about you, do you have enough of running in circles, do you join me in breaking your pattern?

This time I am working on combining some of my “juggling balls”. I try to see where they overlap and where I can integrate and benefit from one or the other, instead of seeing them all as single tasks.

And scheduling posts is something new I started. It does ease up time and eases pressure on that specific day when something needs to be done and helps to avoid a “brain freeze” on that day. But I still have to get better at that. After all, scheduling requires planning ahead and that means

time management.To be able to schedule posts and to combine some of my tasks I need to dedicate time up front to work on certain topics. And that works sometimes, but often I get inspired and motivated on the spot. So it definitely will take more training and structure. How do you go ahead with your time management and scheduling?

A flexible schedule helps me to keep track on my tasks. I have a magnet board with time- and tasks slots. It seems to fit my personality better than a fixed schedule.

I know it  all can work really well but you see, here it comes back again, I let life take over too much at times! How I admire others who have it all under control and stick to their schedules and plans – and stay focused!

Amazing what you can pull off if you set yourself 30min fixed time! Have you tried it?

Working under time pressure and setting an alarm for certain tasks helps me to stay full on focus, especially for all the unpleasant must-dos.

That counts as well for exercise. What only 30 min can do for you! Yet sadly, the first thing I often drop is my exercise when I have too many others things on my plate. But I know full well that going for a run helps me to clear and calm my mind, to get inspired and energised. That one should really be a non-negotiable for me and it should never be a no!

But that leads me to the last and toughest part,

I need to learn to say “NO” more. Yes, there are so many great reasons and causes to help and support and places to be and people to meet but we all only have a limited time per day. And something has to give at times.

Dear reader, as you can see, I might have been quiet but I was buys, too busy and sidetracked and overwhelmed at times.

And while I hope that the above mentioned points will help me to become less overwhelmed, to stay on track and feel at ease, I hope they will help you too, when you lose track.

But I would as well love to hear from you!

Do you use any of the above, and/or what other methods and other secret weapons to you have up your sleeves to not only fight procrastination, but to keep the balance in this crazy thing we call life?

What is it what YOU do to stay on track, inspired and balanced?

What is it what you do to not let life leave you overwhelmed?

I am looking forward to hearing from you,


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