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If I’m being really honest, I’m hesitant to use the word “holistic”. I believe in a holistic approach but I don’t always connect to the word itself. How about you? 

I keep thinking about the word, what it represents, what it stands for but as well how we might not feel connected to it. Why is that?

On some days, to me, the word itself can come across as too spiritual, very hippie-like. And there is nothing wrong with that, only that I don’t see myself really in either category. And that’s when I feel my resistance. It’s all a bit “too much”. On other days I simply love it, it sounds so reassuring and calming, something to strive for. 

Or is it just me? Because by definition holistic means “dealing with or treating the whole of something or someone and not just a part”. (Cambridge dictionary). And YES that is what it’s all about, isn’t? 

As with many things in life as well approaches in terms of Holistic Living can go very deep. And while I respect such a lifestyle I keep my approach, hmm, let’s say simpler.

But we can’t only look at one part in life, health or well-being. It has to be a combined approach. Having said that, they will not always be balanced. Depending on the situation some areas might be challenged stronger and need more attention. It all depends as well on our personality. After all, each one of us looks at life in a different way and some areas become more relevant to one than the other. 

Still, to feel balanced and strong in life it’s important to consider all aspects. It’s important to keep on paying attention to our feelings, thoughts and the body. And that is the holistic approach. To not see areas individually but connected and integrated.

Therefore I am taking you, my dear reader, through all the different Wellness Pillars these weeks. Let me just mention them here once more in case you are new to my blog. So far I shared my thoughts on Social, Physical and Emotional Wellness. And over the next weeks, I will have a look into the Intellectual, Spiritual, Environmental, Financial Wellness and Occupational behaviours. 

And while they are relevant to each one of us, no matter the circumstances, I look at them with a twist of somebody living abroad. 

As an Expat myself and having been on the move for over 14 years I feel that the adjustments can be challenging at times. Not to forget as well that we often have to adapt over and over again. And depending on where we live some Wellness aspects are easier to maintain than others.

We do have enough on our plate every single day as it is. Add moving on top of that and we do reach a very different level of having to keep all our balls in the air. After all, things only work when we feel a connection to someone or to something, may that be people, the country, the job, the culture…you name it.

And as mentioned, not everybody will give the same weight to the same “someone or something” as behaviours, situations (locations) and personal choices do have an impact. But see which wellness approach speaks to you the most, which one you feel needs more attention. Is there one of them that you see as important but find it too weak, then that’s the area you pay attention to first. Without dropping the others. 

If the word “holistic” makes you cringe, perhaps replace it with “integrated”, the integrated Wellness? Do you feel a better connection then?

Next week, I will have a look at the Intellectual Wellness approach. Until then, keep well, stay connected and enjoy, 

Have a good week, 


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