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Spiritual Wellness

Out of all eight wellness aspects that I’m covering the spiritual one seems to be the most personal one. Yet often the one we exchange about the least. I wonder why. Overall the Spiritual Wellness simply invites us to be curious, playful, supportive, forgiving, quiet and reflective. And isn’t that something to really embrace in life?

To start, I think it’s important to understand that taking care of your Spiritual Wellness is not about following a religion. You can of course but you don’t have to. And please don’t misunderstand me, I actually do admire those who are religious. They do have something “to go to”, especially but not only, in moments of need. While me, and others, often find ourselves floating around in such situations. But that is a whole different subject. Let’s get back on topic.

We’re all different and this counts as well when it comes to spiritual approaches. To some it means 

  • meditation, mindfulness or yoga
  • pondering about life during a dedicated quiet time
  • journaling, reading especially inspiring stories
  • connecting to nature, art, music 
  • to travel – to be out and travel but as well to read about other countries other areas, kind of a “mind-travel”
  • playing a part in a community through volunteering for example
  • being a mentor to connect and share and inspire
  • being part of a religion

or a  mix of them.

No matter which one you “practice” what they all have in common is that we take time to allow us to connect deeper to ourselves. To connect to our emotions and feelings, the positive and the negative. To tune in and have a sense that we have found our place in life that is meaningful to us.

But it’s as well about paying attention to what is around us. And to reflect on us, our behaviour and action. 

And as with all wellness aspects, Spiritual Wellness can fluctuate depending on the situation in our own life. But as well on the location we do find ourselves in. And ironically we often forget about the Spiritual Wellness, especially in times of stress and hectic. Yet, it’s then when we need it the most!
For me, this one is a constant work in process.

It’s as well not always easy to be able to express yourself and act in terms of the Spiritual Wellness in some countries, in some communities or circles that you may find yourself in. But if you manage to stay connected to your inner harmony and strength, create time for yourself, then you at least don’t let go completely of this wellness part. And through that, you might find more acceptance to what you experience around you. It will help to keep or to regain the inner balance even if the outer one is far from balanced for you.

Funny enough though, I wrote a blog already quite some time ago, wondering if I’m spiritual or not. Back then I thought of being spiritual in a connection of being religious, which is, as stated, not the case at all.

Yet, still til today I never really say that I’m spiritual. But whenever I think deeper about it and reflect on what I do, I notice that it does play a big part in my life. But I don’t name it. Now though, I think it’s really time to connect to and work more with that wellness part – to embrace it, to speak and exchange more about it, instead of hiding it!

How is this wellness aspect working for you?
Do you see yourself as a spiritual person? If so, I would love to hear what you do to stay on top of your Spiritual Wellness!

I will connect to you again back here, next week. Until then, I invite you to take your time to ponder about what Spiritual Wellness means for you and how you can incorporate it into your life.

Take care,


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