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Connecting Wellness and Books

The past two wellness blogs were about our Intellectual and Spiritual Wellness. Both sound a bit dry I have to admit that myself. But don’t get fooled by the titles, the fun comes when you go a bit deeper. 

Because what both of them actually want to help us with is to take time to connect more to ourselves. To make time to explore new things, to keep our mind moving in various directions. They are supporting us to find something that makes us curious, brings joy, stimulates and inspires.

For me, books play a big part in that. I like to take time to read, sometimes longer, sometimes just a few pages in between. Sometimes I read just for fun, at other times to get inspired and to learn more about certain topics. And books allows us to connect to most wellness aspects in a simple way, too.

In the past I was a “one-book-at-a-time” person. But I can’t keep that up anymore. There are too many subject and topics out there that are interesting. And as a bedtime read I definitely need something easy. And yes I still do like a nice love story. 

When time allows during daytime I take a book during lunch break or before I pick up my youngest. That allows me as well to transition from what I did before to slowing down and preparing for the kids’ afternoon. 

At other times I grab a more “educational” book after the kids went to bed, just 30min before I turn on the TV for example. This moment, when the house gets quiet…the candle is on and a glass of wine (or a cup of tea) and some chocolate waiting for me on the table, soft music in the background. Oh, how I cherish this moment!

Looking at my pile of books right now, it represents my mind these weeks. It has been spinning in all directions and it shows in the variation of books that I have touched. Some for fun, others for group discussions and inspiration. And then some in the hope to achieve a better understanding of the upcoming teenage-years that are quickly approaching in my household. 

And if you got curious, THIS is what my pile looks like these days.

Books for inspiration
Books for inspiration

They are not all on a pile though, usually, they are spread out in the house and some you may find in a bag that I take with me.

Not all these books are new. I read a few in the past and I just open them now and then for a quick peek. They help me to focus my mind on something different. Others are completely new and to some, I relate to, to others not so much.

Do you recognise some of those books? And what is on your (bedside) table.

Are you a one-book-at-a-time person? I would love to hear from you!

This was another little breather in between the eight wellness pillars I’m writing about. Or see it as a little twist on how to integrate wellness aspects into your busy day-to-day life. It doesn’t have to be complicated!

Next week I will be back with a blog focusing on what the Environmental Wellness can do for us.

Until then, happy reading,





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