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2023 – Zooming In

Last year’s guidance was “connection”, and looking back – yes, it was such a year. I do not feel the need for too many people around me, but the new connections I made were meaningful, deep and inspiring. As life continues, some connections deepen while others have been there for a particular time. But even those more fleeting ones touched my heart and will stay with me.

And then, there were the connections that I, let’s say, reevaluated. Some of them ran out of their natural course, and others I realized didn’t do me good, so I reduced or stepped away. That counts for both people I know but as well in terms of social media or Facebook groups; after all, we are connecting there, too. It’s different, yes, but once you follow somebody or a group, you connect. And while there is a lot of good out there, not all does me good.

Apart from the connection to others, it was also a year of deep connection to myself. And that is a work in process, something I will carry into 2023. It’s one of those areas that will stay with me as the years go on. After all, connecting to ourselves is the key to everything, isn’t it? 

So, where does this leave me for 2023? It will be “zooming-in“! Yes, that one will be a good guidance word for me this year. Why? Because I had too many moments where I lost myself in the too-large picture this past year. 

Building new connections with others was great, but it also overwhelmed me. Not because there were too many but because people inspired me. They all have unique ideas, thoughts, visions and jobs. Sometimes I get lost in all the greatness out there and get distracted. No, I will not get lost or distracted this year, hence zooming in! 

This leads me to my next focus point, to Zoom in on what I have! That means working with and focusing on what I already have. My ‘Toolbox’ is there; now, this year, it’s the time to craft with it! I will dig deeper, connect the areas I have (ha, see – another connection), and let that grow. 

That might mean that I need to learn to zoom-out and to keep some other connections on the “blurry” side. That doesn’t mean I won’t stay connected; they are still part of the big picture but might not be as focused or in the center as they were. I need to create more space to zoom in on people and connections that do me good. As mentioned, I have met truly inspiring people. And I want to keep doing that but with more alertness where I put my energy and time.

Oh, “energy and time” is a big one that moves me to my last focus point, which will be zooming in on me. A big one for me, as I quickly put others first. But that leaves me, my feelings, needs, wishes, wants – and yes, time and energy- on the outside. It all gets too noisy in my head as the “other” takes over, whatever “other” is in that moment. Now, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be there for others; I just need to do it – somehow – differently. That will mean getting clearer on my goals and vision as well as on my boundaries and how I approach some areas in my life. 

But a word is just a word unless we put action to it! And that begins with change in, and for, me! If I don’t change my approach to certain situations and hold myself (more) accountable, things won’t change for me. And no, I don’t want that. I want to create the shift this year when it comes to my meaning of “zooming in”! Change is always uncomfortable, but I will embrace and stay curious what it will bring! 

So, we have the start of February now, and I feel good about this word and the focus it will give me for the year. To me, the beauty of a “word for the year” lies in seeing how we can live, play, grow and learn with it through the year. To have guidance but nothing set in stone, to stay open and adaptable. 

Now that you know my word, I am curious – do you have a word for the year, or have you made resolutions? Or is all this not for you? Let me know in the comments, 

Here is to Finding your ease – wherever you are, 

Lots of love, AK 

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