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Summer time – Salad time

I got fed up by what we were eating,  focusing too much on what the kids like, losing the balance in my meals and what I like. On top of that it got hot and nobody seems to be really hungry these days. So I took action and served hearty salad for dinner. Normal green salads do not go down too well with the kids and are less filling, so I tried to come up with something we can all enjoy and “experience” with!

The good thing about that kind of salad is that it can be easily adjusted to what individuals (meaning the kids)  like. The base is the same for all, and then we can all mix and match, kind of like emptying the fridge! A win-win on all sides!


salad orzo

My base today was Orzo, after all I need to slowly ease the kids into all this! The next part of the base was whatever my daughter decided on, after all she was the one helping me today! She started to grate carrots, cucumber, red and orange pepper to give a lovely summer colour! Being in summer mood we added some olive oil, fresh lemon juice, parsley, lemon zest and salt and pepper.

For myself, I then spiced it up with Feta cheese, olives, avocado, finely chopped green salad leaves, grilled spicy peppers, chili – and then decided to stop!

But further ideas came to my mind, like bacon, eggs, peas, zucchini, chilli – the variations are endless! Oh the joy of just being able to add whatever you feel like!

After the kids saw my mixture they got a bit jealous and wanted to add more, too. They then decided spice it up some fresh parmesan cheese.

And just like that within a super short time we all had a healthy, filling summer dinner to each of our liking in front of us.

Don’t let salad be boring, embrace its endless possibilities!

Do you have a nice hearty salad idea you want to share with me?

Have a lovely day,


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