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World of Recipes

Welcome to the world of recipes! Ok, still in the starting level but we will get there – a page of mixed, fairly easy and quick recipes from across the world. Everything to make breakfast / lunch / dinner times easy, fun and healthy(-ish). A page of inspiration to make home-cooked meals put you ‘at ease’ .

Whereas I do consider myself as healthy and fit I do not see myself as a health, diet or fitness freak – I far too often indulge in chocolate, sweets, cakes, wine etc. but I do sports to compensate and to be able to indulge 😉

So, under recipes you will not find recipes showing calories, fats, sugars etc. For me, everything is allowed in moderation. Plus home-cooked meals tend to be healthier anyway and you know all the ingredients. You will find recipes I found and/or was given by others. Recipes that are often fairly easy and do not require too much time and ingredients. Meals we enjoy as a family.

Hopefully you find the one or other inspiration. And feel free to share your favourite recipes especially easy and fast school lunches!!! I am happy to receive them by email and will try them with my family and if it works for us I will post them. Thanks for any contributions!

Enjoy your meal!

Happy cooking / baking


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