Finding Your Ease

Friendship! Friendship?

I recently learned a hard lesson that even long-lasting friendships do not have to be what they appeared to be.

While moving around one does make a lot of different kind friendships, some last longer, some last hopefully forever, some are there for a certain period or situation. All are valuable friendships in their own kind. All are special. Then it comes to even more of a shock when it appears that one of my oldest friendship from before moving seemed to be based on what now appears to be a fake. It is painful and hurtful and shocked me to the ground and will take some time to get over. I will get out of it stronger and more cautious, eventually. Yet, at the same time I need to not let me start doubting other friendships, to stay open and honest and to still be true to myself!

I came across below saying and I will keep that one close to me: friendship2

Here is to all friendships, keep them real!

Have a lovely eve,



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