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Pesto at its best – homemade quick and easy

Summer finally arrived here these days and Pasta Pesto is such a great summer dish, and enjoyable both warm or cold.
If you ask my kids, they could eat it every day, all year round, and it is a common weekly school lunch dish in our house. Not always homemade, but at its best when made at home, and even better when prepared by the kids.


This recipe is based on a Jamie Oliver recipe. But feel free to top with peas or fresh grated Parmesan cheese. Or even some cocktail tomatoes, or chili or or or… endless possibilities to spice it up!


1/2 garlic clove
3 handful fresh  basil leaves
sea salt

– MIX all the above in a food processor until rather fine

1 handful pine nuts
(if time permits, slightly roasted and cooled but we often are in a hurry and just toss them in)

– ADD into the processor and mix all again

1 handful parmesan
and olive oil (amount depends to me on how liquid you like it to be, start with 1-2 tablespoons and see further)

– MIX all in the food processor again.

By now it should all be a nice dark green pesto!

Put it aside until needed or make sure to cook the pasta at the same time you prepare the pesto and you are ready to eat once the pasta is ready! Or let it cool and take it with you as a salad for a picnic!






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