Finding Your Ease

Summer is coming

We are getting closer to the summer holidays and often busy and crazy times are ahead. The kids tend to pick up that the school year is nearly over – even if there are still some weeks to go. They tend to get a bit more tired, a bit more excited, a bit more crazy at times. It might get exhausting on us parents now, but then again, it might as well prepare us for the weeks to come when they really are at home ūüėČ

Either way, summer is coming, holidays are close so we should perhaps all kick back a bit, and stress less. Instead we should enjoy the warmer weather (it will come even here, one day…I am hopeful!), the brighter¬†evenings, the¬†sunnier days, feel the grass on bare feet, feel the sun on the face, listen to the bees buzzing, taste the fresh strawberries, indulge in a nice summer drink after a long day, catch up¬†with friends¬†outside.. and just like kids often do – see the joy¬†in all the little things around us!

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