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The joy of digital pictures – or digital procrastination

It is such fun to just click away, make endless pictures and have loads to choose from, isn’t it?
It is not so much fun though when it comes to de-cluttering, sorting or even worse trying to find specific pictures on the vast array of sheer endlessness.

I constantly procrastinate – or perhaps I should just say I fail – in this area. The bullet point “declutter pictures and make albums” has been a yearly roll over on my to-do list. But I am determined to tackle it this year!

Not only because it is getting too much but even more so because I get a bad conscience! My now 6 1/2 year old keeps asking why she doesn’t have a “first year” album like her big brother (oops). And we now as well have a little 15 months old in the house and I can hardly start his album before hers is done…and add to that all the lovely things we did and places we lived in over the years. They should be able to see those great memories. Somehow I better get going NOW!

I decided to keep it short and simple. Nobody wants to look through hundreds of pictures for just one year. So I will look through, copy paste the key moments and get this thing of my list! It will be a huge relieve to have some albums in my hand I know that already. No more excuses, time to tackle the past 7 years!

Who wants to join me on this quest?

declutter and sort digital pics

PS: Make sure you do have all your memories safely stored on a separate drive – nothing sadder than losing such pictures due to a crashed computer!!!

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